Civil matters:

Whether you are the party seeking relief or the party being brought into court,
knowing your legal rights is crucial.  Let us help you navigate the complex maze
of court rules and filing requirements.  These are some areas in which we can assist you.
For more information regarding civil matters:

- Superior Court
- Real Estate disputes
- Restraining orders
- Contracts

Domestic/Family Law:
There are many finer points to navigating the waters of family law!
Tacconi Law, LLC understands how complicated and emotional family matters
can be for our clients. We offer knowledge, experience and compassion during
a very difficult time. Our fees are competitive and our experience is vast.
Whether you are going through a divorce, parenting dispute, or other family matter,
we can help. Included in domestic and family law are child support  issues,
modification actions, contempt matters, and much more. If you need assistance
for your final hearing, need advice and an attorney to review your mediated agreement,
​or you just want to know your rights... We can help! 

- Divorce
- Parenting
- Guardianship of minors
- Termination of parental rights
- DCYF matters
- Modification
- Contempt 


​Whether you are an existing business owner needing help with
a vendor or service contract, we can help. If you are a new business
and looking for assistance in setting up a corporate entity we can
provide you with options and assist in drawing up the necessary documents.
  If you are struggling to collect from clients or customers,
​we can assist in collections, attempting to resolve the matter out of court
whenever possible, saving you time and money.

- Business start-up - Contracts and service agreements ​- Collections

​Small claims/landlord tenant:

Even those who have never been to court may need to evict a tenant, take action to secure a landlord’s compliance, seek a refund of a deposit fee, collect money owed to you or defend any such action. At Tacconi Law we can help with all or part of the district court process.

Special Education Law: 
​As a parent, there is nothing scarier than knowing your child needs help but
not knowing where to start. Here at Tacconi Law we can help you advocate
​for your child from requesting an evaluation through the due process hearing.


In addition to being a court, this is a common term used to describe the
estate administration  process.  Tacconi Law LLC has represented estates
and administrators as well as heirs in probate proceedings involving estates. 
We also have experience with guardianship proceedings both as attorneys
for the ward and attorneys for the proposed guardian.  Both Estate
Administration and Guardianship proceeds are specialized areas of law
that require experience and knowledge.  Here at Tacconi Law, LLC,
​we provide you with the knowledge based on our experiences. 

- Estate Administration
- Guardianships
​- Equity proceedings.

Wills Trusts and Estates:

For many people, planning for your future is thought of in the abstract.  Our job is to demystify the process of what people call “setting your affairs in order”. 
Whether you are young, old, single, have children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren, estate planning can never be done too soon. Tacconi Law LLC
offers many options to see that your wishes are followed by your family,
​ loved ones and the State. We offer traditional and creative techniques to achieve your goals.

How Can We Help?

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"Heather Tacconi was AMAZING!!  She was always kind and prepared and truly looked out for my best interest.  I really am grateful for all that she did for me and my children!!"

- S.S.

"Thank you so much for efficiently informing me of the NH State Estate process. Your “follow-through”, research and attitude are a real PLUS to your profession. I wish I had contacted you in earlier and the process would have progressed much smoother. I appreciate your clarification and assistance in mom’s Estate." 


- M.W.

​"Ms. Tacconi was very responsive and professional.  She answered all questions and advised me on options and strategy. If I need further assistance in this matter,

I will contact Ms. Tacconi."

- M.Q.L.

"If your business or family are in need of legal services, we can help. I have represented clients in many areas including family, business, and personal law."